Pre-Owned 2015 Acura MDX

Since its release, the MDX has been redefining what an SUV can be.


20 / 28 / 23

18 / 27 / 21



290 HP / 3.5-LITER / 24-VALVE


Technology Package

Intelligent and Connected

Technology & Entertainment Package

Captivating and Intelligent

Advance & Entertainment Package

Captivating and Luxurious

Integrated Dynamics System (IDS)

Acura’s IDS enables you to choose from three driving modes for your vehicle: Comfort, Normal, and Sport. The different settings affect the feel of the steering and the acceleration. Even the sound of the engine changes to give you the best driving experience possible.

Milano Premium Leather-trimmed interior

The premium leather-trimmed interior of the MDX provides an exquisite level of sophistication that will leave you looking forward to you next drive.

7-passenger seating capability

The MDX’s cabin features seating for up to seven, with ample leg, elbow, and breathing room for each.

Advanced tri-zone automatic climate control system

Acura’s advanced climate control system allows the driver, passenger, and rear passengers to each set and easily maintain their own temperatures.